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    Google: Multicultural Management in the Virtual Project Setting

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    Please help writing an annotated outline so that I can build my project in multicultural management in the virtual project setting.

    -identifying the most critical issues faced by managers with regard to the topic

    -outlining solutions to the issues you identified using theories and best practices presented in an international management module

    -citing real-world examples (I like to use the example of Google). (You may wish to focus on one organization but should include more than one organization in your analysis.)

    -considering any technical implications of both the problems and solutions that you identify.

    With citation and reference.

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    Issues with multicultural team setting in a virtual environment:

    With the internationalization of businesses, multicultural settings are becoming commonplace in large international companies. There are three basic forms of multicultural setting:

    1. A project team consisting of project members from different cultural background working In the same country

    2. Project team comprised of team members from different cultures dispersed in different countries, but meeting face-to-face

    3. Project team comprised of team members from different cultures dispersed in different countries, but interacting through electronic media and never meets each other. Such teams are called virtual teams and has no get-to-know each other or face-to-face interactions.

    Leadership in a virtual team is far more complex than managing a normal team as the determinants attributes, and variables are largely unknown. Hence there might be situations where more leadership is demanded than conventional leadership situations. Global companies also have to deal with multicultural issues on a much deeper level with virtual project setting. Following are some of the challenges faced by managers in dealing with multicultural issues in virtual project teams:

    ? Communication: When time difference is too large between project members, synchronous communication becomes almost impossible and only asynchronous communication can be utilized. In such situation, communication channels such as telephone, video conferencing, etc. can be hardly put to practice. The result is communication ...

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