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    Virtual teams- Challenges/Trends

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    When studying project management what do you see are:
    1. The challenges and future trends of managing a virtual (remote) team?
    2. The challenges or future trends of managing projects involving teams with members from multiple ethnic and sociopolitical backgrounds?

    Please be specific and include details.

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    1. The challenges and future trends of managing a virtual (remote) team?

    Some of the most important challenges in managing a virtual or remote team in project management are:

    1) Communication gap: One of the most challenging aspect with remote teams is the communication gap between team members located at distant locations. A smooth communication between the team members is necessary for smooth functioning of the project. The distance between the team members make it inevitable for them to encounter this challenge by using various techniques.

    One of the emerging trend with respect to reducing communication gap between virtual teams is the increasing use of modern technology such as teleconferencing, modern softwares such as shareware, etc., which has reduced the negative impact of large distances effectively. More and more global companies are increasingly using internet, group sharing softwares and tools, etc. to ensure effective and uninterrupted communication in projects.

    2) Building trust within virtual teams-Building trust is the greatest challenge in creating successful virtual teams.

    3) Maximizing process gains and minimizing process losses on virtual teams-Gaining synergy among members is difficult on ...

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    Virtual teams- Challenges/Trends