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    Three Challenges of Virtual Teamwork

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    1. What are 3 challenges to virtual teamwork? Explain each. How can we to overcome those challenges?
    2. Identify 3 lessons can be learned from virtual teamwork experience? Explain each.

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    What are 3 challenges to virtual teamwork? Explain each.
    More organizations are relying on utilizing virtual teams to increase performance. There are several advantages to using virtual teams. One of the most important advantages is cost effectiveness. Virtual teams are not confined by time constraints, transportation, gas mileage, day care expenses, etc. Consequently virtual teams generate a host of other challenges that may coincide with the many challenges of face-to-face team meetings.

    These factors include the following:

    Lack of trust: When an organization develops a virtual team, the team leader and/or management is plagued with the concept of exercising "blind faith" that their team members will remain productive in spite of not being supervised. Leaders must develop patience and realize that each team member functions at his/her own pace, however, the down side is that a team cannot afford to have team members constantly pushing the envelope or barely meeting deadlines. Team members generally put a team leader at risk if they do not meet the expectations of management.

    There are various characteristics or personalities (positive or negative) traits of team members, which may include members who:
    - Take the initiative to make current projects a priority.
    - Take a lackadaisical approach to completing tasks.
    - Lack leadership qualities and wait for instructions and tasks to be delegated to them, rather than identifying a need and fulfilling it.
    - Are nothing more than free riders, basking ...

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