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    Multicultural management in the virtual project setting

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    - Identify the most critical issues faced by managers with regard to the topic

    - Outline solutions to the issues identified using theories and best practices presented in an international management module

    - Cite real-world examples (I like to use the example of Google). (You may wish to focus on one organization but should include more than one organization in your analysis.)

    - Consider any technical implications of both the problems and solutions that you identify.

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    In designing the management strategy, the identification of critical issues outlines the necessary focuses on required operations improvement to reaching proficiency. Let's take a look at several aspects in dealing with management challenges and approaches with multinational cultural style within an organization.

    - Identify the most critical issues faced by managers with regard to the topic

    By far the most challenging and critical issues associated with multicultural management relates toward forming sufficient diversified work teams that are productive. The organization must already have an established diversity mindset and / or program set up for a manager to excel in implementing a strong work team. Thus, the manager is required to be an effective communicator of the company's policy for enforcing a level of ethical standards and integrity that will relay a more promising message for the brand identity.

    Try and think of the most challenges imposed by managers dealing with a multicultural position within an organization entailing the following:

    a) The understanding to diversity characteristics in relation to work teams and business associates that completes the overall product cycle of the business.
    b) The communication model that entails a welcoming and engaging participation for creating a proficiency organization based on acceptance of multicultural strategy approaches.
    c) Demonstrating nondiscriminatory practices in regards to multicultural environments or policies that refrain from fulfilling the ...

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