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Managing a Multicultural Environment and Virtual Global Management

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I need help with developing responses to the following questions.

What are the challenges of managing a multicultural environment for a virtual, Internet-based organization? How would you manage those challenges?

What is a virtual global management team? How do members of these teams interact? Discuss the advantages and challenges that these teams face. Provide suggestions as to how to maximize the effectiveness of virtual teams across borders.

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The solution examines managing a multicultural environment and virtual global management. The challenges of managing a multicultural environment for a virtual, internet-based organization are determined.

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What are the challenges in managing a multicultural environment for a virtual, Internet-based organization? How would you manage those challenges?

Technology needs are a challenge. It has to be available and consistent across the corporation and the marketplace. There are costs involved with virtual technology and they can be extremely high. There are also needs for training and developing working relationships that can overcome barriers of time, information gathering, language, and ethical values. Since every person comes from a diverse background of experience, values, and beliefs, there must be consideration of all these things from the company and from within the teams. Customers have different needs, wants, and concerns. Proper training needs to be done to prevent many complaints based on such issues.

For the technology, there should be a build up of technology based on needs of groups. Making sure there is enough access for everyone is important. Knowing the availability of technology within the countries of the different members will be a first ...

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