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Leading and Managing Multi-cultural Teams

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Leadership for Multicultural Teams

Examine the characteristics that are linked to successful leadership in the context of global and multicultural teams. In a two-page paper, cite and explain the core characteristics and skills essential to leading global teams. What makes a good leader in that environment? What makes a good team in that environment? Explain with rationales and examples.

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In exploring global and multi-cultural teams, scholars suggests that the best leadership style is participatory.
Participatory leaders are more open minded and welcoming than the other types of leadership styles.  They get diverse perspective from diverse groups of people which enables them to always make sound decisions because everybody else's input is included in the ultimate decision.  For example, good participatory leaders in a multicultural organization will ensure that their workforce is properly trained cross culturally.  They help create positive environment for professional development among teams.  They understand individual's perspective, they show empathy and understanding in dealing with conflicts and resolutions; and this makes a participatory leader the ideal leader in the global and multicultural organization.  ...

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This solution looks into managing multicultural teams and what characteristics and skills are needed.

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