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Multicultural Collaboration

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Everyone on a multi-cultural the team has to adjust their cultural expectations. We cannot dig our heels into our cultural framework and expect everyone else to come along.

Write about 250 words, including 2 or 3 references, about the statements above.

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This solution provides information regarding the benefits/ importance of understanding cultures other than one's own. The solution highlights research written by world renowned cultural theorists, specifically in regards to the role of multiculturalism in the workplace/ business.

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Working in a multicultural group is often a difficult task, especially for individuals who have had limited exposure to various cultural experiences. Multinational organizations often find it difficult to understand the rules and regulations of cultures other than their own. A lack of cultural understanding can cause a variety of issues, especially within the team.
World-renowned cultural expert, Geert Hofstede (2003) stated, "No group can escape culture" (pp. 10-11). While culture is fascinating to study, it is also essential to remember that culture is deeply engrained in an individual's persona (Adler & Bartholomew 1992) and thus is not easily altered. Often times, within group settings, individuals who possess dominant ...

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