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Virtual Team Leading Practices

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Which of the virtual team leading practices is best adaptable for both a Multinational Corporations now and 10 years from now. Defend your selection from a political, economic, and technological stance. This is the complete question.

-Establish and maintain trust through the use of communication technology

-Ensure that diversity is understood and appreciated

-Manage virtual work-life cycle and meetings

-Monitor team progress using technology

-Enhance visibility of virtual members within the team and its members

-Enable individual members of the virtual team to benefit from the team

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I would choose the first one. Communication is the key to distribution of information, avoiding conflict, solving conflict, and generating new ideas. Since by definition virtual teams are people who work as a team though from remote locations, the idea of making sure there is current technology in place to facilitate communication is a given. Promoting communication and making it possible is imperative to keeping the team working at the same level, no matter where each one is located.

Among the things to remember about technology, especially communication ...

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Virtual teams leading practices are examined. The expert determines how to manage virtual work-life cycles and meetings.