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    Virtual Teams - Benefits and Difficulties

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    Please discuss in detail the benefits and potential difficulties in using virtual teams.

    Why might an employer utilize a virtual team?

    What are some best practices for managing virtual teams effectively?

    If you were placed in charge of a virtual team whose tasks were to develop a job description, job advertisement, salary range, interview questions, and ultimately to interview candidates and hire for a new department store manager position in a virtual environment, how might you proceed?

    How would you plan and execute this project with your team? What are the potential pitfalls that you need to be aware of in your planning and execution? How might your team work most effectively on this assignment?

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    Companies strive in excellence in productivity that is based on efficient project teams, thus, today's global business environment encourages virtual teams to meet and set objectives. Virtual teams are work teams where each employee contributes a skill or knowledge that can improve the project scope initiatives within a virtual environment. Some virtual teams are conducted on an Adobe Connect meeting site or other live streaming venues for teams to work ...

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    The identification on how virtual teams deals with challenges and difficulties in working as a team within a virtual environment.