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Research Paper Process

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This solution describes the means of academic research and discusses the differences between a thesis statement, topic sentence, explanation, illustration, and example. It suggests when and how to use all factors in effective academic writing.

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This posting identifies the research paper process.

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While writing various research papers, I used several helpful processes. Like following a recipe while trying baking or cooking, the research process allowed me to successfully complete research papers.

First, I tried to clearly identify my research problem. I had to formulate a strong need for my research. I then had to narrow my topic to ensure that it not only interested me, but I wanted it to be relevant and significant to my instructor and peers.

Next, I had to begin finding scholarly research or data about my topic. It was difficult to find the exact keywords when using both the library search engines and online engines.

While finding my secondary resources, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of print sources like reference books, encyclopedias and Internet articles. I then had to really work hard to discern the good from the poor quality sources. I really wanted to integrate sources which were reputable. Some of them were intellectually way above me to understand, yet others were too simplistic. I learned to use and locate articles in periodicals such as magazines, newspapers, journals, etc. It was a daunting process.

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