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    Assessments for young children

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    Could you please assist me in Identify/locating at least three assessment methods that are most appropriate for use with young children or infants, including those considered to be "at-risk" and why they would be appropriate.

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    Searching Google using the phrase from your posting instructions, "assessment methods for at-risk young children" presents a variety of hits that point up one problem: at-risk can apply to a wide variety of conditions. Google's hits refer to mathematical performance, asthma, predicting obesity, endothelial dysfunction, emotional and behavioral disorders, attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), and general school performance - among others!! See what I mean? At risk can apply to a lot of conditions, which may have nothing whatsoever to do with the response that you were seeking.

    I am going to ASSUME that what you were looking for was the latter scenario, children (very young) who are at-risk of poor performance at school, not some of the other ones listed. If this is not the case, please search yourself, using the search phrases that I have recommended or your own search phrases, to better find articles that deal with the specific sort of at-risk conditions that you ...

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    discussion of "at-risk" conditions in very young children, and the various assessment methods which are available to help identify those children in need of intervention. Web-based URLs on topic are supplied, as well as OTA-provided summation and discussion.