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    Diverse Social Issues in the Classroom and Assessment

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    Young children come from diverse families and diverse social groups. The classroom should be a place where children feel safe and comfortable. Use your text to review the many diverse social issues young children face today. How will you provide support for your students in your classroom? Include specific examples within your discussion of activities or instruction that will support such student

    Proper assessment is the foundation for effective instruction. The three most common tools for assessment are: observation, administration of standardized tests and portfolio assessment. Discuss the pros the cons of each form of assessment. Why is it important to use all three forms of assessment?

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    Through observing our students throughout their academic performance, we incorporate our own cultural experiences and must remember to remain objective in our assessments. However, through observing students we gain knowledge in understanding diverse cultures and social groups. Observing students during group projects can be helpful in gaining a better understanding of your students. You may notice one student is highly organized or another student is a great leader.

    Through the administration for standardized tests, it provides the score keeping of meeting the standards in the ...

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    There are many diverse social issues within the educational system. The common tools of assessment are explored in utilizing in diverse classroom environments.