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    Identifying Culturally Diverse Gifted Students

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    Why is it difficult to recognize and identify culturally diverse gifted learners? Discuss how educators can identify and provide rigor for these students in the curriculum.

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    Identifying culturally diverse gifted learners is problematic. First, most teachers do not understand the cultural backgrounds of their students and how that background affects achievement levels. In order to adequately assess students for giftedness, a teacher must use multiple methods. Achievement tests should be cautiously used since testing bias exists. Teachers can use many other forms of assessment such as portfolios and personal interviews. They can also observe the child's classroom behavior. Is the child curious? How dedicated is the child to learning tasks? Can the child take charge of their own learning. When asking these types of questions, a teacher must realize that culture may impact the child's behavior. In some cultures, a child is expected to sit quietly, not make eye contact with the teacher, and do his/her ...

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    It is often difficult to identify culturally diverse gifted students. This solution provides you with tools to understand why it is difficult to identify them and then how to create an educational program for them.