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Personal conception of giftedness with references

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Develop and defend your own personal conception of giftedness in students. Provide citations in APA format.

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What is Giftedness?

What do I think of when I think of giftedness? This is a simple question to ask, but an extremely complex one to try and answer. Why am I here studying "gifted education"? Who is it that I am trying to serve?

Specificity of Talent

The first step I take in my mind when trying to define giftedness is distinguishing between general giftedness and specific talents. Children can possess one or many specific talents in one or more distinct disciplines; a child may be musically talented, verbally talented, or both. Any combination of talents and gifts is possible; an understanding of the intrinsic and underlying theme of individuality in giftedness is essential to serving our gifted children appropriately. Each child will possess a differing combination of talents making each child's profile unique and in need of varying services.


The next step I take in defining giftedness is to account for potential talent as well as manifest talent. Culturally diverse students, students from low SES homes, girls, and other groups face challenges in expressing and developing talents. Children with the potential for talent deserve the same services as children with expressed talents. Educators must remain open-minded when identifying children for programming; gifts and talents come in varying packages and we must keep our eyes open for talents that have not yet surfaced in our students. Different groups will experience different challenges and hindrances to the manifestation of their talents. Girls, for example, may face a number of factors that can negatively affect their performance in an academic setting (Reis, 2005). Paying attention to these special groups of students is the responsibility of educators if we intend to fairly identify and serve talent in all of our students.
In the context of potential talent I see giftedness not as a characteristic one possesses, but the possibility of achieving great things if provided with the appropriate ...

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An alternative conception of giftedness in an educational context, with references in APA format.

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