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ITPOSMO Model of Conception-Reality Gaps

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Discuss how the following factors below relate to the success/failure of the health information system in the ITPOSMO framework:

1. Management and structures
2. Other resources: money and time

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According to Heeks, Mundy and Salazar (1999) some health information systems succeed and some fail. Health information systems (ex. electronic medical record) play an important role in health care organizations, however, its success and failure are related to certain factors as identified in the ITPOSMO model of conception-reality gaps. This framework suggests that when there is an increased change between the current realities and the design conception of an HIS system, there is a risk of failure (Heeks, Mundy and Salazar, 1999). There are seven dimensions of the Model of Conception: information, technology, processes, objectives and values, staffing and skills, management and structures, other resources: time and money. These seven dimensions are needed in order ...

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This solution is comprised of a discussion of how management and structure, money and time relate to the success or failure of the HIS in the ITPOSMO framework. It lists the seven dimensions of the ITPOSMO framework.