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Academic approach to Organizational Behaviors

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Deliverable Length: 2-3 pages
You will be a member of the newly-formed project staff team. This team will need to realize process gains within its first three months. You want to help, not hinder, the team's progress, so you decide to do some research upfront. You bring up your challenge at your managerial networking meeting. You pose the following questions to the group.
- What is a task force?
- What characteristics of the team are likely to contribute to the goal of process gains within the next three months?
- What are some sources of potential process losses?

You don't just listen, you also participate. State your ideas on each of these questions.

You have time to read an article or two. You still want to run your ideas by your mentor, so draft a document in e-mail format that address each of the following elements.

- Alter or enhance your conception of effective work groups?
- Identify elements of group effectiveness that you may be able to influence.
- Think about how you would increase the probability of process gains within your project staff team.

Your mentor likes it when you support your position with information from your readings.

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The objective of the problem is to make you study a scenario in which a group is being formed in the company. You need to work out the group dynamics in the unique situation, examine the role the group would play in the decision process and mention the ways in which the group can be more effective. You are also required to examine the role that can be played by you to improve the group dynamics, increase the cohesiveness and improve the process gains. The underlying objective of the problem is to make you apply the group theories that you have been taught in the classroom to the given situation. You can mention the readings Some Characteristics of Effective Work Groups and Likert's Characteristics Of An Effective Work Group, apart from these all the other group theories taught to you can be applied in this problem. I strongly recommend that you apply these theories to your answer and give references.

However, there are some assumptions, which the question makes. First, the managerial networking meeting is a good place to get inputs on the new group formation. This may not be true. Serious contribution may not be forthcoming, because the net workers may either not be serious or may fear leaking matters of their own companies. Also executives may not like their own internal development to be disclosed to 'outsiders'. Second, the problem assumes that one man can substantially influence the group. True, one man can make a difference, but usually it is the understanding among members and their collective personality that makes a difference. Thirdly, that you are doing making so many efforts to make the group a success presumes that there is a common goal towards which each member is working. This is almost never true. It is likely that every assistant will have a private agenda that will be given to him by his director and he will try his utmost to defend that pre decided position. Fourthly, the problem mentions new projects and ...

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