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    Business Case Study on Employee Training

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    Read the Case Analysis: All it Takes is for Good Men to do Nothing on pages 397-398 and answer the case questions on page 398.

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    In the case study, the main problem at IMP is allowing bullying to take hold within an organization that if not distinguished will only continue to burn. Thus, the case study emphasized several events where the senior leadership should have showed support for the victim (a company employee rather than of the bully). Ms. Dillman represents not just a gender discriminated against, harassed, and bullied but an employee where her safety (both mental and physical) was not protected, instead, she had to go to the extreme (external resources of the Human Rights Commission) a file a legitimate claim. Therefore, she won with a large settle and penalty against the employer that had numerous opportunities to fix the bad employee; Mr. Pettipas.

    Let's take a look at each case question scenario:

    - A TNA could assist in this situation to detail the constant back and forth of non-resolved the employee's conflict, in which, the constant hostile environment to cease. Instead, the case study continues onward with ...

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    The review into business case study on employee training to educate on proper organizational behaviors,especially, between employees conflict.