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HRM Processes on New Programs

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I need help with preparing a detailed recommendation for James Bradshaw, CEO of Modern Appliances, outlining the ways in which HR will provide support to the employee engagement efforts at Modern Appliances including
• Provide a brief analysis of the cultural shift that the company is making.
• Identify and evaluate the systems and structures of the organization that will require support.
• Evaluate the risks to the organization if support is not provided.
• Identify any challenges or resistance that the organization will face in providing this support.
• Include a prioritized recommendation of the programs and policies required to support the cultural shift to increased employee engagement. For each recommended program or policy, describe:
o How it will address a specific need in the organization related to the cultural shift.
o How it will mitigate a particular risk to the organization related to the cultural shift.
o The plan for dealing with any resistance the program or policy encounters.
• Evaluate how your recommendations align to HRM industry best practices with regard to employee engagement.
• References

Sources Cases:

1) Employee Engagement at Modern Appliances Case, Inc. (A)
2) Employee Engagement at Modern Appliances Case, Inc. (B)
3) Employee Engagement at Modern Appliances Case, Inc. (C)

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Hope you are well.

• Provide a brief analysis of the cultural shift that the company is making.

Try and assert the way senior management approaches certain styles of leadership based on the perception of the company's culture outlook. For instance, in the case study, Mr. Bradshaw management style illustrated a situational type concept that identifies to the current makeup of the employees company's cultural awareness in behaving and producing the product or service. Thus, the focus on management role in defining and shaping the work environment assists in making the cultural shift towards leadership control of leading forward. Some key pointers within the case study outlined:

- The leading role in training employees
- Being coaches for support
- Offering strategic problems to solving issues
- Contributing to the process of enablers

The brief analysis should reflect the main objective the CEO wishes to gear the workforce, i.e. having management more responsible setting the tone in supporting workers. In doing so, the cultural shift is presented on a basis for identifying the true internal organization norms and themes relating to processes and training technique ...

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The review in HRM strategies for implementing new programs and cultural shift for working more efficient.

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