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    The Structure of Effective Corporate Training Programs

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    I need some help on a writing assignment pertaining to Human Resource Management (HRM). This paper is based on HRM processes (training process). The paper must have an overview of the HRM training process with a critical analysis and assessment that concludes with an opinion or judgment. The topic should be on corporate training programs, an example would be... how would it likely develop in the next 2 to 3 years? The essay must be 5 to 8 pages. Please help, I am already late on this paper.

    I would like a few ideas or a thesis that would get me going or a full essay that I can tweak, please let me know how many credit is required. Any help is appreciated.

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    In providing guidance for this posting, an overview of corporate training programs would include the fact that corporate training programs up-to-date can vary in duration ranging from a few hours, too many weeks in duration. In addition, the vast majority of these corporate training programs are conducted in a series of workshops that may be conducted throughout an individual's corporate career within a given organization. In this manner an individual's essential leadership and business skills will be continuously improved and upgraded throughout their career. One of the interesting things about corporate training programs is the fact that these programs usually begin with the initial training of corporate employees, which is often referred to as new employee orientation programs. This initial training serves as the foundation for the addition of further training incrementally throughout the staff members career within a given corporation. This initial training ...

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    This solution explains how effective corporate training programs are structured and developed.