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Employment Training and Development

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Scenario: If you were put into the position to where you were the training manager for your organization and were responsible for creating training in house or purchase from a vendor. What types of considerations must be taken into account for both decisions. My issue is that I am unsure about where to start looking or how to start off my basis for discussion.

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This solution discusses the considerations that must be taken into account for creating training, either in house or purchasing it from an outside vendor. It includes an APA formatted reference.

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In order to determine whether to outsource organizational training, one would first need to determine the training needs and objectives. For instance, in certain departments training might be needed based upon software usage, in which case training can be outsourced for much less time and money than developing a corporate training program. The IT department may need to learn about the capabilities of a hardware or software, the accounting department may need training in tax code or use of Citrix software. Vendors can perform training for these needs and are frequently already set up in to perform training. However, other needs may be better met in house: proprietary information, sales techniques, ...

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