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Career counseling resource template for disabled individuals

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Need a resource guide template set up and organized based on career counseling for disabled persons.

Have already found two sites to be used:

Need four more to add to guide template, and organized by type of site/source (e.g., National CIDS, state-based CIDS, etc.) or by vocation/career type/category, or however else that makes sense to you using the guide template.

Career Information Resource Guide Template

I - Name of CIDS/Website
II - Type or category of resource: (State, National, Regional, Private, etc)
III - Affiliated organizations
IV - Group or population resource is intended to serve
V - Goals and objectives applied to resource
VI - Activities, assignments, or tasks to assist client in achieving these goals and objectives
VII - Strengths of the resource
VIII - Weaknesses of the resource

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I-Alternatives; Community life for people with disabilities http://www.alternativesnet.org/services_dds_employment.asp.
III-Meals on Wheels, Maples Nursing Home, Wal-Mart, DiPlacido Development Corporation, Ward Processing, Automated Emblem and Easy-Day Manufacturing.
IV- Developmentally disabled and mentally challenged individuals
V-To help developmentally disabled individuals obtain employment with an affiliated company or through means of self employment, volunteer opportunities are also available.
â?¢ Career planning
â?¢ Skills development
â?¢ Interview training
â?¢ Resume preparation
â?¢ Job coaching
â?¢ On-the-job training
VII- Offers individuals help with career planning and development of on the job skills and training, stories of former individuals who have used the resources offered several locations to choose from.
VIII- Does not give any place to rate or post a comment from individuals who have used the resource, does not give links to other websites that offer the same services.

I- Goodwill Industries International http://www.goodwill.org/goodwill-for-you/specialized-services/people-with-disabilities/. ...

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This solution is comprised of over 600 words on internet resources that focus on career counsling for disabled individuals. Includes positive and negative aspects of four Internet Websites.

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