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    Applying Career Counseling Theories

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    Assuming the client population is disabled persons; please describe the work setting, select and summarize two theories used in career counseling i.e. , Social Cognitive Career (SCCT) theory, then explain the strengths of these two theories as they relate to your setting and client population, describe the similarities the two theories share and their major differences, and finally, describe the weaknesses you would have to address and, briefly, how you would address them.

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    In a situation where the client population is disabled persons, the work setting would typically be very similar to those of the other employees employed in an organization, but there may be different accommodations that may be put into place in order to assist disabled individuals to be able to perform their jobs in maner equal to those individuals that are not disabled. In addition, the work setting for disabled individual will largely be dependent on the disability that the individual has, as well as the job that the individual has to perform in relation to his or her disability. For example, a mental disability in the form of a speech impediment or dyslexia, etc., would not severely infringe upon an individual's ability to perform manual tasks, at a job requiring more physical labor, but the accommodations that will be needed for the work setting for this individual ...

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    A description of the strength and weakness in career counseling is given.