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School Counseling through use of Technology

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Explore ways to enhance school counseling programs with technology and examined potential problems with applying new technologies.
For this discussion, choose one of the following student issue categories and find two Web sites that provide resources for school counseling professionals:

â?¢ Academic.
â?¢ Career.
â?¢ Personal.
â?¢ Social.

Critique each site, determining strengths and weaknesses. Decide if the Web site is usable for a school counseling program and how it could be applied.
This discussion is graded as a separate assignment. Refer to the School Counseling and Technology Scoring Guide to ensure that your posts meet all of the evaluation criteria.

Please include all references.

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Ways of applying technology through school counseling programs

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School Counseling and Technology:

The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) is an informative professional association which provides academic, career, personal and social resources for school counselors. This association is a great networking tool and useful ...

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