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    Counseling Different Cultural Groups

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    Suppose that you are a counselor in a middle school. You have noticed that, at lunch and recess, most students socialize only with other students of the same ethnic background. In addition, many conflicts happening on campus are between students of different ethnic backgrounds.
    Your principal has requested that you help mediate ongoing arguments between two students, Jose and James. Jose is Latino, and James is Caucasian. You recognize that the larger school environment regarding ethnic differences is part of the cause of their conflicts. In order to effectively cope with this situation, you will need to apply both individual and small group counseling approaches.
    â?¢What developmental counseling approaches can you use to counsel these two students at an individual level?
    â?¢What preventive small group or classroom guidance programs can you develop to help all students respect their similarities and differences?
    â?¢Provide references from two different scholarly resources to support your responses.

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    To counsel these students on an individual level, it will be very important to ensure that the counseling is one-on-one in a private setting, so that the students' rights to privacy are not be infringed upon. It will be important to inform the student that they are bright young men, with a bright and promising future, and that it is imperative that their actions reflect that fact. After reiterating the positive attributes of both young men, it will be very important to make each of these young men aware of both the advantages and disadvantages of their actions, and to point out to them that the disadvantages of continuing arguments and disruptive behavior within the school environment, have result in more disadvantages than ...