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    Accuracy in the Diagnosis

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    Accurate diagnosis is essential to the well being of the client/patient in the mental health system. Describe the cultural issues, and one other diagnosis issue that you feel might impede accurate diagnosis. Why?

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    Culture is defined as a "Set of behavioral norms, meanings and values utilized by members of a particular society is constructed based on their worldviews (Arcon, 2009). Cultural factors in the everyday life of majority of people in one country or continent (e.g. Western) is quite different from another (e.g... Eastern). Thus, when considering a diagnosis, a clinician/practitioner may provide an inaccurate diagnosis if he or she does not consider the cultural differences between diverse groups. For instance, several cultural variables can influence both a how a client presents in therapy and the resulting psychological outcome. For example, cultural differences can affect communication as different cultural groups assign different meanings to words and perceptions (Keller, 2007). Keller points out that cultural factors in development often occurred outside of strong networks and in social relations that may have lead to a "separation" factor for some clients (I. e., from the country of origin). As Keller explains, other cultural factors may have a pathogenic impact and trigger psychopathology (e.g. role of violence in certain countries) among some children who are predisposed to everyday violence.

    Further, "the everyday living arrangements in the ...

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