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Technology and delivery of health care

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How has technology affected the delivery of health care in radiologic and imaging sciences? How has fusion technology influenced patient care and diagnosis and how has this development impacted the growth of professionals within allied health?

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Technology and delivery of health care are assessed briefly.

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Here is my answer according to my understanding. References and citations are included. :)

1. How has technology affected the delivery of health care in radiologic and imaging science?
Biological imaging technology includes:
? Radiology
? Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
? Fiduciary markers
? Nuclear medicine
? Photo acoustic imaging
? Radiological sciences
? Endoscopy
? Thermography
? Microscopy
? Ultrasound
This technology in radiologic and imaging sciences has improved the diagnostics and delivery of health care (Sullivan, 2010). Increased accuracy in diagnosis delivers more rapid response to health care delivery. As an example diagnostic radiology uses various imaging modalities to assist in the diagnosis of diseases, intervention (surgical interventional radiology), and oncology (therapeutic radiology). In addition, within hospitals and health care organizations, the ...

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