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Technological Advances in Healthcare Delivery

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(1) Evaluate at least two different historical perspectives on the delivery of health care in America. How has technology and the lack or developing technology affected these perspectives?

(2) Compare and contrast two technological advances that have affected health care delivery in America.

(3) How have these changing technological advances affected public opinion of the changing health care system? Are the opinions positive or negative? How do you see these advances affecting the delivery of health care in the future?

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One historical perspective on the delivery health care in America, is based on the racial and social climate that existed in early America, and in some respects to this very day. During and after slavery African-Americans were viewed as inferior species of humans and thereby not qualified for the rights and privileges that other Americans were granted. Based on these beliefs, the health and well-being of these individuals was not given very much thought or attention, and providing health care to African-Americans was not believed to be important enough to make a priority. In essence, the delivery of health care to these individuals has not been very efficient, and due to the fact that many of these individuals resided in rural inaccessible areas up to the mid-20th century, very seldomly did the latest medicines and or other helpful technological advances in health care reach these individuals.

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