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Technology in Healthcare and Human Services

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What advantages or benefits has technology created in Health Care and Human Service? Has technology created any disadvantages or difficulties?

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1. What advantages or benefits has technology created in Health Care and Human Service?

A number of technology innovations offer significant opportunities for progress in healthcare and human services delivery. Different types of technology are used to optimize 'better' health care and service delivery. For example:

(1) Database technology benefits Health Care and Human Service by improving the quality and efficiency of health care and service delivery, such as:

a. Provides around--the-clock performance with increased speed and scalability.
b. E.g. Data query tools enable users to create immediate, custom reports at their desks.
c. Provides a more complete picture of clients, their families, and their needs.
d. Allows service providers to view, utilize, and profit from the wide variety of information that already exists but resides in separate applications.
e. Facilitates the agencies' ...

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This solution discusses the advantages or benefits and disadvantages that technology has created in Health Care and Human Service.

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