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    Diagnostic Tools for ADD/ADHD

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    Is there a simple test to diagnose ADD/ADHD? What is involved in the diagnostic process? Can you provide me with some good links for further research on the causes and treatment of ADD/ADHD?

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    1. Is there a simple test to diagnose AD/HD?

    No; unfortunately, there is no simple test (like a blood test or a short written test) to determine whether someone has AD/HD. This is true of many medical conditions (for example, there is no "test" for a simple headache, yet anyone who has had a headache knows it's real!). However, there is a series of questions and/or tools that are sued to diagnose ADHD, such as a behavioral checklist (see link below).

    2. What is involved in the diagnostic process?

    Accurate diagnosis is made only by a trained clinician after an extensive evaluation. This evaluation should include ruling out other possible causes for the symptoms involved, a thorough physical examination, and a series of interviews with the individual (child or adult) and other key persons in the individual's life (for example, parents, spouse, teachers, ...

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    This solution explains the diagnostic process for ADD/ADHD and the tools that trained clinicians use in this process. Supplemented with links for two specific ADD/ADHD diagnostic tools and links for the causes and treatment of ADD/ADHD.