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    Group Counseling

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    Many school counselors may feel intimidated about using data to build, monitor, and refine their school counseling programs. The ability to present data in a meaningful way to key stakeholders such as principals, teachers, school board members, parents, and community members is vital to the success of your school counseling program. Consider the following situation:

    As a school counselor, you have noticed a larger number of referrals than usual for grief issues coming to your office. You send a survey to teachers and find that there are several students who have lost loved ones over the summer and are in need of counseling services. Instead of trying to meet with each of these identified students individually, you begin two groups on grief and lossâ?"one for students in kindergarten through second grade and one for students in third through fifth grades.

    â?¢ Your overall objectives for the groups: What did you want to accomplish?
    â?¢ The kinds of data you gathered to determine the groups' effectiveness.
    â?¢ Your collection and analysis methods for interpreting and understanding the data.
    â?¢ A presentation of your findings: What were your outcomes? Use graphs or charts to present your data.
    â?¢ An explanation of how you would use this data in planning future interventions.

    Please include all references!

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    My objective for this group counseling is the combining of many different types of art-related therapy interventions into one concrete format to utilize in counseling with children who are working to overcome grief or trauma related to the loss of a loved one. Therefore my goal is to use art, which is an ideal therapeutic medium, in school-based counseling groups to help students adjust to separation and loss. The use of symbolic acts and rituals that represent important components of grief work will be used to help clients express beliefs and feelings associated with (Williams & Lent, 2008).
    Utilizing the four main objectives of art therapy consisting of awareness, expression of energy and emotion, working through a problem, and creativity and joy to achieve my objective of assisting these students is my goal (Finn, 2003).
    Data was ...

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