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Supervision Within the Counseling Context - Mental Health Counseling

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When you reach the fieldwork stage of your program, you will be receiving weekly supervision at your fieldwork site from your site supervisor, as well as group supervision from your faculty supervisor.
- Discuss the differences between the two models of supervision: individual and group.
- Discuss the key elements of the counseling supervision process (models, formats, or interventions) that you might experience during this time. Provide examples to illustrate your ideas.
- Discuss the qualities and skills you hope your supervisor will have. Why are these important to your own development as a counselor?
- Please include all references.

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Discuss the differences between the two models of supervision: individual and group:
Individual supervision provides personal attention to the trainee's personal style, case specific direction and support, the ability to be the initiator and director of the trainee's learning process, the autonomy to develop their own counseling skills, and the capability to learn from more experienced supervisors about case material and the counseling process.

Group supervision differs because it enables interactions that occur among group members, which is representative of the fact that counselors do not function in isolation. Therefore, the group provides an optimal format ...

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