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    Individual & Group Counselling Ethical Issues

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    Please identify three or four ethical issues found in group counseling and provide three or four ethical issue found in field of individual counseling, and a short explanation how these two fields differ.

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    Counseling: Ethical Issues

    In Counselling, professionals and practitioners have struggled with the questions of morality and ethics as their profession as well as responsibilities developed and evolved over time. Moral and ethical decision making is not just a necessity that must be practiced - it is expected especially when an individual is in a position to decide in behalf of society (judges, lawyers, people in law enforcement), for the welfare and well-being of others (counselors, health care practitioners, psychologists, psychiatrists) and as an influential member/leader of a social group (politicians, legislators, parish priests, leaders, managers in the social and civic world). There are varied theories as to the development of ethical and moral decision making and standards have been set in varied professions to become the code of practice or code of ethics that practitioners follow in order to make the best of judgements - a moral and ethical choice. How does one decide the correct course of action when faced with a difficult dilemma? What are the possible ethical dilemma that a counselor can face in group and individual counseling? Are they similar or different from each other?

    Ethical Issues: Group Counseling

    The main difference between group and individual counseling is in the number of subjects involved in the counseling-therapy which then introduces us to the nature of the issues/conflict in-mediation/negotiation. Group counseling shares a lot of congruence with William Glasser's Control/Choice Theory. The theory proposes that behavior is inspired by what that person wants or needs at that particular time, outside stimulus not having an influence. Survival, belonging, being loved, ...

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    The 1,172-word solution identifies key ethical issues (the top 3 in each) found in group and individual counselling. These types of counselling are explained and discussed in terms of application and importance to show their differences and then the key ethical issues in each are explained and defined accordingly. To further enhance the solution, the ACA code of ethics is included in the discussion. The solution follows the APA format. references are listed. A word version is attached for easy printing.