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Ethics in Counselling Field Research

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Discuss the legal and ethical issues associated with research in the counseling field. Is it the role of counseling professionals to serve as stewards for fair, ethical, and socially just treatment of people who represent diverse perspectives? Do you feel that counseling professionals should be advocates for people who tend to be marginalized by society?

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Legal and ethical guidelines are in place to prevent unethical behavior by clinical counselors in the field. Some of these guidelines include ensuring that counsellors are professional in their care, unbiased in their approach, and do not abuse the power they hold over their clients either for sexual or monetary purposes. Counsellors must possess the capability to counsel many different situations emanating from their duty to provide assistance ...

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This solution provides guidelines and ethical considerations that must be adhered to by counselors when conducting research.

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Landmark Legal Cases' Implications for the Counseling Field

Landmark legal cases related to counseling and psychotherapy have led to changes in prevailing federal and state statutes and case law. The understanding of the core issues inherent in these significant cases as well as their implications for the counseling profession is important. Additionally, it is imperative to keep abreast of current and pending legal cases related to the counseling field. The composition of various professional ethical codes is influenced by the attention and outcomes resulting from these landmark cases.

Research a current or historic landmark legal case related to either informed consent or evaluation and reports in court. Provide a brief description of this case, with full citations.
State the appropriate ACA ethical code related to this case, as well as the relevant AMHCA code.
Evaluate the implications of this legal case on the counseling profession.
Finally, examine the statutes and case law in the state of Maryland and provide, if possible, at least one statute or law that reflects this legal case's implication on practice.

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