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    Academic Counselling and Affirmative Action

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    Atkinson, D. R. (2004). Counseling diverse populations (3rd ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill Companies.
    Chapters 4, 8, 10, and 12.

    Prepare a Critique of ADA and Affirmative Action based on the readings and your research.

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    Counselling Diverse Populations: Applying Sensitivity

    When counselling diverse populations, the fundamental methods and its goals still apply. However, the counsellor must keep in mind that there is going to be a sense of cultural gap between him and the client or the set of clients made much more complicated if it were a group counselling situation and the group is of diverse ethnicities and culture. For this purpose I have taken to look into the work of a college counsellor. American Universities have diverse populations and the multicultural make up of a standard university from ivy league to community colleges are a unique microcosm of either the nation or the immediate community the college (i.e. community college) services.

    In diversity counselling, it is important to recognize, appreciate, and utilize the unique talents and contributions of all individuals for the purpose of empowerment, therapy, resolution, guidance and even in situations where dispute resolution is necessary. In counselling diverse populations - the counsellor does not just look at the gender, age, social status, or occupation of an individual, race, language as well as ethnic background is considered and reviewed. The Culture of the client affects and influences the way he fares in every session - how he receives the counselling, how he processes the information and advice. At the same time however, the counsellor must practice not only neutrality but the ability to be culturally relative - looking into the culture of the client as a resource to understand the client but ought to not judge his/her cultural practices based on the counsellor's own culture. The client's culture must be put in context in relation to the ...

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    The solution looks into Academic Counseling as a sample field study for the purpose of uncovering the use of affirmative action to solve certain issues that confront students in their learning experience. The solution presents a sample case study that explains the need for, and the difference that affirmative action makes in the lives of students that are language and ethnicity-challenged in the American academic landscape. The solution follows the APA format. The word count is at 1,196 words and online references are listed. A word version is attached for easy printing.