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Is Affirmative Action The Right Path To A Color-Blind Society?

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Is Affirmative Action The Right Path To A Color-Blind Society?

Is Affirmative Action The Right Path to a Color-Blind Society? I would like guidance with my outline to show what I should or need to be discussing with readers. It has been a long time since I have had to do an outline and really need help.

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Outline of the paper:
A) Abstract: This is a brief summary of your paper. It communicates concisely your research. The abstract may be used by organizations for selecting research. People may evaluate your research based on your abstract.
B) Introduction:
The introduction has at least three components. These are the research problem, the purpose of the study, and the summary of your position or arguments.
C) Research Method:
I. Literature review: This will contain a description of the method by which you have selected peer reviewed papers and the main points selected from these papers.
II. Hypothesis: You must state the null hypothesis and the alternate hypothesis clearly.
III. Sampling Method: You must describe the manner in which you will select the sample of the people you will interview, ask questions, or fill up your questionnaire.
IV. Questionnaire: This section must show how you have developed the questions from the hypotheses presented by you.
V. Questions: You must give samples of questions from the questionnaire and give a reference that you have listed your questionnaire in the appendix.
D) Results:
I. Quantitative results: Tables must be given that show the mean, median, standard deviation, and correlation matrix.
II. Qualitative results: This is what you have learned from your literature analysis, in-depth interviews, focus group discussion, or any other ...

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This solution explains full outline of a research paper. The sources used are also included in the solution.

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Research Topic: Is Affirmative Action The Right Path To A Color-Blind Society?

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