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Employment and Labor Law in a Color-Blind Society

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I need help with my research paper. I have constructed my research topic in the form of a question and would like an opinion whether the topic is phrased correctly and in an interesting way.

Research Topic: Is Affirmative Action The Right Path To A Color-Blind Society?

I need help constructing an outline for this 8-10 page paper. Also, I need help summarizing what I will do to learn something new about this topic and what I will do to provide the reader and yourself with new information on this subject (150-200 words).

Explanation includes how I will go about accomplishing this research paper and what my plan is to get this done (150-200 words).

Thank you.

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Step 1
The topic has been phased correctly and is interesting. The topic however, indicates that affirmative action may not be the right path. Those who are strongly in favor of affirmative action may avoid reading the paper. Also, if there is an evaluator who is strongly in favor of affirmative action may become prejudiced against the topic. The topic is very current and is bound raise emotions in the reader. The phrasing of the topic is correct and the topic is engaging.

Step 2
To learn something new about this topic your first approach should be to access and read peer reviewed articles related to the topic. I have added some articles under the reference list. The second approach to learning something new about this topic is to read and find out the results of affirmative action in relation to specific minorities. This will not only give you new information about the topic but will broaden your perspective on the subject. The third approach to learning something new about this topic is to find out how affirmative action is being implemented in different parts of the world. I have added some articles in the reference list. The fourth approach to learning something new is to develop a questionnaire and interview a sample of persons about their views on the topic. The ...

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