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    Law/Labor updates, changes and trends that impact organization

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    I am the the HR Director for an organization that specializes in providing customer service call centers for multiple organizations. my organization has expanded rapidly over the past few years. My company headquarters is in Florida, my company now has four other U.S. locations as well as two locations in India.

    I have to create a plan for the Human Resources department to address recent employment law/labor law updates, changes, and trends that may impact your organization across any and/or all of its locations. Be sure to select four other states for your company's locations and state them in your memo. Discuss recent changes to state laws and federal laws that might affect your employees in any and all your locations (India included). Also consider recent major court case decisions and employment trends that might affect your employees. Be sure to address the overlap/interrelationships of laws and policies as they might impact your company, and address HRM actions that are necessary because of the new regulations.

    Help me to create a memo to submit for senior management for review.

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    This memo is associated with the development of a plan for human resource department of an organization that specializes in providing customer service call centers for multiple organizations. This paper deals with recent employment law/labor updates, changes and trends that may impact an organization across any and all of its locations. The company operates in Florida, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, and Tennessee as well as two locations of India. Due to the changes in the global and industrial environment employment law/labor law had been gone through a number of changes and executions.
    It is the responsibility of each and every organization to follow the regulations of employment and labor law to manage the human resources (Recent developments and trends in U.S. Employment law, 2006). This plan is beneficial for the HR department of this call center organization to address various employment laws according to different locations that can affect the organization.
    Changes in Employment and Labor Law
    Equal employment Opportunity and Safety and Health Acts:
    In order to deal with the issues like age discrimination, disability gender discrimination, etc. Federal government of USA has been executed the law of EEOQ and OSHA. In this concern, India as well as the State of Florida, Kansas, Hawaii, Indiana, Tennessee follow the regulations of federal labor department (Department of Labor Facts, 2010). The organizations, which operate in these countries and states, cannot discriminate employees on the basis of age, gender, disability, nationality, race, color, etc. In addition, the firms have to give sufficient health and safety benefits to all the employees. In this, it altered the age of protection from 18 to 55 years (Facts about Race/Color Discrimination, 2008).
    Human Trafficking:
    Human trafficking is one of the most recent changes in employment law. This is a kind of unfair and illegal activity in which people being foxed, tempted, pressured or otherwise moved out from their home or country to work with no or ...

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