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    Plan for a human resources department

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    Create a plan for the Human Resources department to address recent employment law/labor law updates, changes, and trends that may impact any organization across any and/or all of its locations.

    Be sure to address the overlap/interrelationships of laws and policies as they might impact the company, and address HRM actions that are necessary because of the interconnectedness of the topics.

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    From last several years, a number of significant changes have been occurred in employment laws and labor laws along with many other changes and emerging trends. Understanding, regarding these changes and trends is essential for the human resource professionals of every organization for becoming efficient in undertaking obligatory measures to be amenable with these changes in laws. Only by understanding these changes and emerging trends and creating an appropriate human resource plan organizations can become able in dealing with these, which is necessary for surviving in this competitive environment (Recent developments and trends in U.S. Employment law, 2006). Subsequent are the various recent employment law/labor law updates, changes and trends that are imperative to be considered by every organization for managing a balance between its present conditions and emerging changes:

    For dealing with the problems of discrimination on the bases of age, race, religion, sex and disability Equal Employment Opportunity Commission had announced a number of laws in which one prominent law is systemic discrimination. With this law agency usually tries to focus on ...

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    This solution discusses a plan to address employee labor law updates in a human resources department.