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    Function and Role of Human Resource Management

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    Address the following question using your personal workplace experience:
    What is human resource management?
    What is the primary function of human resource management?
    What is the role of human resource management in an organization' strategic plan?

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    In 2005, management for the company I work at (i.e.) the Valmont Company Ltd., decided there was a need to create a human resource department and hire a human resource manager, an assistant and 2 other employees to staff the department because the Company was growing and there was a need to focus on employees, our development, and needs. The Company produces a variety of goods and services such as Insurance, food, clothing, vehicles, and vehicles parts. The Company has an Administration, Finance, Operations, and Human Resources Section. I am currently employed in the Finance Section as an Accountant. According to Marciano (1995), Drucker described the management of human resources as one of the 3 key vital functions of management. Human resource management is defined by Benschop and Forray (2003) as a modern day concept that embodies a broader set of activities involving hiring practices, development, compensation, motivation, communication, and identification of training needs that managers undertake in the organization.

    In time, the department was set up and staffed by individuals who were trained in human resource management. The intent was that the department would facilitate the effective use of the Company's most important resource (i.e.) its employees. Why? This was because management realized that according to the ACCEL (2011) there was a need to train, fully utilize, and motivate employees because employees felt undervalued and were not performing to their capability. For instance, Joan Brown was the Assistant Accountant in the accounting section but had recently acquired an Associate Degree in Human Resource Management. She was ...

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    The response gives a bit of history of HR before exploring its role and function as well as how vital it is, using examples from experience. 1087 words with references.