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    Human Resource Management

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    Need assistance outlining a paper approximately 700 words regarding human resource management and addressing the following questions:
    -What is human resource management?
    -What is the primary function of human resource management?
    -What is the role of human resource management in an organizationâ??s strategic plan?

    Must include two scholarly sources

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    What is human resource management?
    Human Resource Management is a strategic approach in an organization. This includes putting into practice policies and procedures that help the company adhere to federal and state laws. These could range from the Americans with Disabilities Act to Equal Opportunity Employment. Regardless, they are crucial when it comes to running a company because they could easily face fines or jail time if everything is not working smoothly. Basically, the performance of every worker improves because they know what is expected of them in regards to their job description as well as how to reach out to other customers. Also, the correct number of staff is hired, so that no gaps exist, and a lack of exhaustion is present. The ultimate goal is to have everyone working as a team, so that everything is done with excellence. Teamwork is not an easy task, but that is where additional classes help in keeping everyone focused on what needs done on a daily basis.

    What is the primary function of human resource management?
    The primary function of human resource management is to solve people-related problems (Wright & McMahan, 1999). For example, this includes conflict between workers that cannot agree on how to ...

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