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HR Strategy Paper

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Discuss developing a HR strategy for a current or prospective company. I need to detail the implementation plan for HR strategy.

The response addresses the queries posted in 1431 words with references.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1431 words with references.

// This paper describe how to implement HR Strategies which are being formulated and planned for human resource of a company. Human resource is the most valuable part of the organization. It plays a crucial role in enhancing the productivity of the organization. Plans are prepared, but the implementation is the most important part. This paper gives guidelines of implementing various processes in Human resource.//

Guidelines for implementation of strategy related to Human Resource Development:

People: It is important for people in the organization to have work life balance in order to lead a happy life, so the foremost work is to implement the actions for work life balance.

Action that should be taken is to conduct a pressure profile audit; compliance audit to see working time pressure on employees. After completion of the audit, results must be evaluated and identify the need for Flexible Roster options. The action should be conducted by the committee whose head must be the Head of the Employment Practice (Human Resources Strategy: implementation plan, 2004).

It is necessary to attract local members and youth to the organization for which the Student Support Officer within Human Resources and Young Promotion working group can come together to form a working committee to prepare promotional materials such as " Choose a career which provide safety and growth" folders. On-site visits can be conducted for students to introduce professional and technical jobs so that they can be attracted to work in the organization. Partnership with various schools and colleges can be established and training can be provided to those who are wiling to join the organization. The organization can maintain an on-line database for summer student hires. They can contact students through online portals and ask the interested students to fill their details about qualifications, experience etc as per the areas of need. Placement for engineers will be based on the Graduate Placement/Mentorship Program. The action would be conducted by the Mentorship Program Development Coordinator from Human Resources.

In order to increase recruitment, promotion can be done through career fairs. The materials used in career fairs would be reviewed and updated on annual basis by the Client Service human resource Division.

The Promotion & Recruitment Specialist must collaborate with the Communication Unit of the Department to update the career opportunities section ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1431 words with references.

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prepare a presentation and a briefing paper about competency-based HR programs

You represent an HR consulting firm that's responding to an inquiry from the CEO of a medium-size software development company called Stentor. Your firm's Managing Partner has already had an informal meeting with Stentor's CEO and has learned the following:

Stentor has recently come to realize the importance of their human resources to their company's future success and have decided to do something to better integrate their HR organization into their business strategy. Stentor's senior Human Resources executive has informally discussed a competency-based approach to HR management as a means of strategically aligning the HR organization, but is admittedly not an expert on the subject and will need the help of a consulting firm to help "sell" the concept and help with its implementation.

As a preliminary activity to preparing a formal proposal, your firm has been asked to make a presentation to Stentor's top management team, explaining:

- What encompasses a competency-based approach to HR?

- How will such an approach strategically align the HR organization and facilitate the effective implementation of Stentor's business strategy?

- How can the development of a competency-based approach reveal Stentors core competencies? Once identified, how would the HR organization make use of the information about core competencies?

- How would a competency-based approach to HR likely impact Stentor's business performance, both short-term and long-term?

- How would a competency-based approach work and what would be the specific benefits in terms of:

Training and Development, Recruitment and Selection, Compensation and Performance Management and Workforce Planning and Deployment

In addition, develop a formal proposal for consulting services. This should be a written report that conveys the same basic information, but in more detail, as a "leave behind" for Stentor executives.

It should include the following:
- Executive Summary
- Background and Introduction
- Outlining a Competency-Based Approach to HR
- The Benefits of a Competency-Based Approach to HR for Stentor
- Recommended Next Steps for Stentor

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