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    Labor and Employment Law

    Labor and employment law is a type of law intended to control and mediate the relationships between employees, employers, labor unions and the government.  Under labor law, there are a few separate categories:

    • Collective labor law which concerns employees, employers and labor unions
    • Individual labor law which concerns the rights of the employees

    The history of labor law is fairly recent. Labor law first emerged during the Industrial Revolution as a result of the changing nature of production from small-scale to large-scale.  This shift allowed employers to hire many more employees, however, the growth of production allowed for exploitation of workers.  Enter, labor law. Employees wished to have better working conditions.  Another issue that labor law was created to protect was child labor.  As the Revolution progressed, laws were passed to limit the age group of children who could work, then eventually, eliminate child labor all together.

    As previously mentioned, collective labor law mediates the relationship between employees, employers and labor unions.  Terms of collective labor law are:

    • Labor unions:  collective labor law controls the participation or lack of participation of employees in a labor union or trade union.  Some trades require that all workers be a member of the respective trade union, while some do not make participation mandatory.
    • Workplace participation: a right that binds workers to participate in workplace management, such as elect the board of directors.
    • Information and consultation: requires that employers inform employees of issues within the company
    • Collective action: this describes the procedures required to legally start and participate a strike on the part of the employees

    Individual labor law, as mentioned, concerns the rights of the employees as individuals.  The terms of individual labor law include:

    • Employment terms: the terms of employment under which the employee is hired, as legally confirmed by a contract.
    • Minimum wage: this term defines the minimum amount of pay the worker can receive per hour of work.
    • Living wage: this is designed to protect workers who are hired under full-time conditions and need to support a family
    • Hours: the amount of hours a worker can work a day is defined in this section. This also ensures that workers who do go overtime receive suitable compensation.
    • Health and safety
    • Discrimination: concerning the presence of racial and gender discrimination
    • Dismissal: this term defines the conditions under which an employee can fired and the compensation they receive as a result of this.

    Many governments have specific and defined labor laws to protect the rights of all workers in their respective country.  For example, in the United States, the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, with an amendment in 1950, sets standards that require an employee to work a maximum of 40 hours a week. This law applies to all citizens of the United States who are employed. 

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    The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibits Congress from making any laws with respect to the establishment of religion or that interfere with the free exercise of religion. It is generally agreed that the provisions of the First Amendment apply to all levels of government. The United States Supreme Court has recently

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    Wrongful Dismissal Due To Testimony

    Robert was the assistant dean of administration at a small college. Several months ago, Robert was called as a witness to testify in a sexual harassment suit filed by a former employee of the college, against the college and the dean of administration at the college. Robert testified truthfully about an incident that he observed

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    The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires that employers obtain permission from an employee before the employer hires a third party to conduct a background check on the employee, but it does not require the employer to get the employee's permission if the employer is going to conduct the background investigation. Why does the emplo

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    A co-worker named Erica calls you and tells you that she has just been fired from her job at your company. According to Erica, around six months ago, she filed an internal company complaint against her supervisor John for addressing unwanted sexual comments to her. Although the company investigated John, nothing was ever done

    Burlington Industries, Inc. v. Ellerth Case

    Do you understand why the court would allow this affirmative defense in cases where there is no loss of tangible job benefit, but not cases where there is such a loss?(Burlington Industries, Inc. v. Ellerth Case)

    Ethics and the workplace.

    You are a Regional Assistant Vice President in charge of Sales of a national company. While at a baseball game with some colleagues, one of your coworkers, who is also a comparable Regional Assistant Vice President, tells you, when you offer to buy him a beer, that he is a recovering alcoholic, has been involved with AA for t

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    What types of employer conduct with respect to unions does the law prohibit? Do you agree with these prohibitions? What role do you believe unions have in today's economy?

    U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity

    Review the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's website, specifically the section regarding laws as they apply to small businesses. Is there anything on this site that surprised you? Why are small businesses treated differently than large businesses? Why would laws differentiate between the two?

    Questions about Employment Law

    QUESTIONS ABOUT EMPLOYMENT LAW 1. An employer who closes the business rather than deal with the union his employees have formed: a. does not violate the National Labor Relations Act. b. cannot do it to inhibit unionizing c. is required under the WARN Act to give the employees 60 days' notice d. must bargain in good faith wi

    Firing Employees and Employment Law

    Instructions: (1) Review the following case scenario and address the issues outlined in the scenario (2) Identify and discuss all of the applicable laws and how they apply to each of the individual situations. (See employee descriptions below) You must fire 3 Reduction in Workforce Exercise More Beer, Inc. is a 25 mil

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