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Hooter's Hiring Practices

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Several years ago, Hooters Inc. was sued by several men who applied for waitress jobs at a Hooters restaurant and who were not hired. The basis of this suit was that Hooters engaged in sex discrimination in hiring. Hooters contended that though it is a restaurant serving food and drinks, its primary attraction is the Hooters Girls, female waitresses who wear bright hot pants and tank tops and that men waitresses would not fit the image that Hooters had intentionally and legitimately adopted.

How should this case be decided?
Is this sex discrimination, or are there legal theories that justify Hooters' position?

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Yes, this was a case of gender discrimination in hiring and Hooter's was unable to defend itself on the ground that only female workers were necessary to render the services of the restaurant chain. Hooter's primary business is ...

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This response discusses hooter's discrimination in hiring only women workers.

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