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staffing practices and selection tools

Describe an organization's staffing practices and selection tools in response to two of the following trends:

Ethics & Technology

Evaluate the effectiveness of these staffing practices and selection tools in meeting current and future employment needs of the organization.

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In order to hire effectively, an organization should have a staffing system that provides a template, a model and a process for those who recruit, screen, interview and hire new employees. If it is properly designed and implemented, a staffing system can take much of the risk and uncertainty out of the process by providing a standard approach that ensures that everyone in the company hires in a consistent manner.

According to Shamis, building an effective staffing system needs to take the following steps:

1. Paint a picture of the successful person
2. Develop a cadre of qualified candidates
3. Screen the candidates
4. Interview the candidates and checking references
5. Make the ...

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Evaluate staffing practices and selection tools.