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    Factors in HR Staffing

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    What are some key factors managers must consider when designing an effective human resource staffing system?

    Please provide examples for specific direction for future study.

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    What are some key factors managers must consider when designing an effective human resource staffing system?

    Human Resource management involves the development of organization systems and practices for the planning, acquisition, development and utilization of manpower. HR policies must be fair, reasonable and employee friendly.

    Staffing is a process of recruiting, selecting and hiring new employees. The policy must be to attract best of the talent across the globe. The organization has to use right recruitment, selection, orientation and training strategy to develop a talented pool
    of human resources. . According to the summit -nation.com effective staffing system consists of five steps:
    1. Painting a picture of the ideal candidate
    2. Developing a cadre of qualified candidates
    3. Screening the candidates
    4. Interviewing and checking references
    5. Making the hiring decision

    Key factors regarding recruiting

    In a time when many companies are cutting costs across their operations, a growing number of HR departments are changing the ways they recruit. Their goal: to boost recruiting efficiency (reducing recruiting costs per hire). Their means: innovative recruiting approaches that bring imagination and aggressiveness to a company's overall recruiting function. Thus it is essential that the advertisements are creative, clever, eye-catching ads. They must also use various kinds of recruitment tools for attracting right kind of candidates. They must have clearly laid down job description and specification ...

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