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    Bring Bias into the Light

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    Please help analyze the following article.

    1 - Elaborate on 4 provoking and stimulating questions from the article.
    2 - Describe the application to strategic Staffing-Talent Management
    3 - Describe implications for the future of HR professionals.

    See attached file for reference: http://www.hrmagazine-digital.com/hrmagazine/december_2014?folio=22#pg24

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    1. The first stimulating question from the article is "Do I typically hire the same type of person?" The implication is that my judgment is biased. It means I have a set criteria in my mind as to what types of persons are competent, skillful, and are likely to perform well. I tend to select such a person.
    The second stimulating question is that "when I say that the candidate is not the right fit, what do I mean?" This means that the presence of some factors biases me against certain types of candidates. For example, when I see a woman applicant I am biased against her because I feel that a woman should be a homemaker and not a career maker.
    The third stimulating question is that "What does my share of candidates look like? Do I speak up if it is not sufficiently diverse? "This means that when I see a particular type of applicants in those allocated to ...

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