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    multicultural children's books

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    Multicultural Literature. There are many different kinds of multicultural children's books. Provide a brief summary of the story. Describe how the book fosters one of the curriculum goals listed below. Be specific and give examples related to the text to support your thinking.
    Culture: To foster each child's positive, knowledgeable, and confident self-identity within a cultural context.
    Prejudice: To foster each child's comfortable, empathetic interaction with diversity among people.
    Prejudice and Racism: To foster each child's critical thinking about bias.
    Racism: To foster each child's ability to stand up for himself and others in the face of bias.
    Fiesta! By Beatriz McConnie Aapater(Modern Curriculum Press, 1993)

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    So from doing research about the book, this is what I was able to gather:
    1. The book is about a Hispanic family and they are getting ready to attend a Saint's Day Festival.
    2. There is a little boy who does not remember his native country so he is learning about his culture throughout the story.
    3. The author includes Spanish words throughout the story, and there is a glossary in the back of the book to define the Spanish words.
    4. Since it discusses the traditions of celebrating the Saint's Day Festival, it is a great book for a teacher to use for her students to demonstrate the traditional practices of another culture.
    5. The Spanish words in the book are used in context, so the student is more easily able to learn the words.
    Here would be a brief explanation of what they're asking you from what you listed:
    1. Curriculum Culture. To foster each child's positive, knowledgeable, and confident self-identity within a cultural context.
    a. I imagine this story would do an excellent job of this primarily because it is discussing a cultural celebration. The Hispanic culture is demonstrated in a ...

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