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Multicultural books for young children in school

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Please assist me in exploring and discussing the interesting topic of Multicultural Literature in Early Childhood Education.

I also need help addressing why this topic is of interest and value and how I, as an instructor for early childcare providers/teachers, can use this research topic?

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One of the interesting things about multi-cultural education, at any age level other than college, is the static that teachers, administrators and school systems get from parents and sometimes other community members. It almost seems that people are frightened that learning about other cultures and peoples will brainwash children. This could not be further from the truth.

However, it is worth mentioning that multi-cultural education is stressful for some, and that sensitivity is essential when attempting to implement such a program or curriculum, especially when dealing with sexual orientation issues. That one appears to be the most controversial. You will encounter ...

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Beirf discussion of appropriate decisions in choosing multicultural books for young children in school, with list of relevant Web site URLs for further research.

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