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Understanding Global Citizenship and Multiculture: Depression in Children

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1. Based on this video: http://www.ehow.com/video_4874310_signs-depression-children.html
How has the web-based information influenced global citizenship and multicultural understanding?

2. Based on this podcast: http://soundmedicine.iu.edu/segment/2649/Depression-in-Young-Children
How has the web-based information influenced global citizenship and multicultural understanding?

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The expert provides an understanding for global citizenship and multi-culture for depression children.

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1. This video helps to bridge the gap in understanding of global citizenship and multiculturalism by enabling mental health practitioners, parents, and society to recognize the precursors of depression in children. Often children exhibit behaviors that are conducive with depression but also mimic typical growing pains. These include excessive sleep, avoidance, the creation of sicknesses and illnesses to restrain from certain activities such as school, and excessive eating as well as a decrease in the enjoyment of pleasurable activities. Often these symptoms are little more than children who may be having temper tantrums, moving from childhood to adolescence, or a myriad of other normal behavior that every parent has to deal with as their child ages. Nevertheless, the podcast highlights how these symptoms also are ...

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