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    Cultural Diversity

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    These areas are explored:

    1. Describe the concept of social diversity. Why is knowledge of different cultures significant for young children in the USA? How can cultural diversity be integrated into early childhood education curriculum, instruction and activities? Provide an example of an instructional strategy you or others have implemented that promotes awareness of cultural diversity and cultural practices for the children you teach.

    2. The past two centuries in America have brought about major changes toward what is called the contemporary family. Discuss the changes that have implications for education of children. As early childhood educators, why is it important for us to face changes in our schools with a positive attitude and interest in learning? How have you educate yourself and young children in order to meet their needs in a changing society?

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    1. As you describe the concept of social diversity, I feel that it embodies racial, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic, religious, disability, and other types of differences within life and schools.

    Again, I feel that knowledge of different cultures and lifestyles is so significant for young children in the USA because of America's unique cultural and demographic representation. Americans are no longer all blonde haired and blue eyed; we are a diverse, mixed, unique representation of numerous races, languages, and cultures. Since kids must be able to interact with literature, peers, authority figures, lifestyles, and other diversity types within and outside school, it is imperative for ...

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